After decrease in sales and company profit, Apple has deducted 15% from Tim Cook, CEO salary. Tim Cook salary was around 10.3 Million USD during 2015-16, and it has been reduced to 8.7 Million USD in 2016-17. This was the first time in last 15 years when iphone sells fell down. The company revenue of selling iPhone since 2007 has decreased by 8%, and the operating profit were 60 Billion US Dollars has down by 16%.

Smartwatch hasn’t changed anything

After death of Steve Jobs in 2014, new CEO – Tim Cook has launched Apple Smartwatch. Company was hoping to make bigger profit by selling this product, but it hasn’t make much difference. In 2000 Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple has launched iPod first and then Apple iPhone, MAC and iPad. When company launched iPhone for first time, it has changed the definition of smart phones.