If you are planning to buy a New Laptop then read this post from our experts to know what things to look for in a new laptop before buying. Let’s find about choosing a right laptop for you.


There are many laptops in market with several designs. Some laptop design is like they can rotate 360 degree. Some laptop you can use in different modes. Demand of such laptops which you can remove screen and use it as Tablet has increased very much in market nowadays. These types of laptops are very useful but they can be expensive.


If you are going to buy a laptop then you should pay attention on its screen size. Travelling person will like 12 to 14 inches lightweight design, but it will make things smaller on screen. Keyboard size will also decrease. If you need bigger size than this then 15.6″ is always available. For graphics and video editing you will require powerful machine laptop with size of 17″ screen size.


Touchscreen has its own benefits, but its also true that it becomes dirty quickly with use. For people who do more digital work and like touch, then touchscreen is good for them. They can easily scroll web pages, big folders, photos and long documents using touchscreen. Windows 10 interface is optimized for touch. You can also download many touch optimized apps. If you like to work using keyboard and mouse then no need to bring touchscreen laptop. This will reduce laptop price and also machine weight.


Some years ago heavy laptop was a normal thing. Battery more than 1 inch and 3 kg was worked 2-3 hours. As laptop components become more efficient, so as the battery performance and density also improved. Now slim and lightweight laptop are more popular. Now battery life also increased and become 5 to 6 hours. But if you want to work whole day without plug-in then battery life should be 8 to 10 hours, for this you require to spend more money.


Now such laptops are coming which have Integrated Graphics Chips. Out of them some are Integrated Graphics Card and some are Switchable Graphics Card. If you regularly use documents, web, multimedia and basic games then you can use Integrated Graphics Card. If your main purpose is Gaming or Professional Graphics / Video Editing then you should buy such laptop which has Dedicated Graphics Card. If you are buying laptop for basic work then switchable graphics card can save energy.


Market is sensitive with price. So if you buy laptop without any operating system then you can save some money. And if you are thinking about using Linux or any other Open source then its fine. But if you want Windows and not buying it can become costly in future. OS crash can lost your data, you have to compromise with security using wrong software, you will not get any software updates. If you buy Operating System with laptop then it will become less expensive. Purchase of operating system separately later can be expensive.


If you want to only email checking, web surfing, listen to music, watching movies, edit documents, etc. with the help of laptop, then you should consider buying a Tablet instead of laptop. Tablet will not make you feel lack of features. Tablet is cheaper and lighter than laptop. It can be always on and can be used as a phone. Its battery works twice than laptop. If you are worry about the use of onscreen keyboard for text typing then remember that any tablet can connect with Wireless Keyboard. If you want you can use Bluetooth Mouse as well. And you can install different apps for advanced functions, document compatibility, etc.