In this Digital World we all use internet to send emails, messages, share our photos and videos. One of the most popular use of internet is Online Shopping. Online shopping business is one of the most growing and popular business today. You can sell and buy anything online from eCommerce websites. Many people with small local business also wants to sell their products online but they don’t know how to make online shopping website and run online shop on internet. They know that its require web programming skills, website design, etc. and takes lot of money to create an online store. For that they either hire a web developer and designer or drop the idea of their website. But they can also create their own online shopping website using basic internet skills in just 24 hrs. In this post I will teach you how to create a basic full featured eCommerce site.


  • Web Domain, for example
  • Web Hosting (Linux or Windows)
  • Internet Connection


First buy a Web Domain and Web Hosting from a hosting provider. Web domain is your website name that you want to use for your website, e.g. Web Hosting or Web Server on which your website files will stored. You can buy both domain and hosting from a good hosting provider like on a very low price.


After you get both web domain name and web hosting, we need to create shopping site. For this first you need to login into your web hosting cPanel. You would get the cPanel details like and login/password when you purchased hosting Or you can contact hosting provider to get these details. After login you will see the cPanel main page like below.


Find “Web Applications” or “Installatron Application Installer” on this cPanel main page. Click on it will open a list of application page that you can install. See the below Installatron screenshot.


There are several types of application you will found under Installatron page like Community, Content Management, Photo & Files, etc. But we need to install App for e-Commerce and Business. Find “App for e-Commerce and Business” section and look for “Opencart” in it. Click on Opencart to install it.


After you click on Opencart, it will open a new page to install it. Click on “install this application” button.


Click on install this application button will open your website setting page where you have select your Domain Name, Administrator Username, Password, Email, Website Title. Keep selected the other default settings as it is.


After fill out all the settings in above form, click on Install button at the bottom of form. You will get success message that Opencart application has been installed on your website domain.


Congratulations, you have just created your online shopping website. Open your website domain “” in internet browser and you will see your website like:


There is also an Admin Section of your website by which you can manage your website, enter products, categories, manager payments, orders, customers, etc. Your website admin section link will be:
username: Username You Entered On Install Application Form
password: Password You Entered On Install Application Form (check Step 2 above)

Use the username and password you entered when you installed opencart application in Step 2 to login into admin section. After login you will see something like this:


That’s it. You just created a full featured online shopping site in less than 24 hours and you are ready to insert your company logo, images, contents, products, payment and shipping settings and start selling your products.

If you have any doubt and need any help you can contact our eCommerce Expert.