Juice industry has grown very fast since last few years. Everyone has been advice to drink fruit juice for a healthy life. Fruit juices has been advertise in such a manner that they are very good for health. But for you its very necessary to know that juice not always good for your health and health related goals. Let us see how fruit juices can be harmful for your health.


Its better to eat whole fruits and vegetables rather than juice.

When you convert fresh fruits and vegetables into juice then the juicer do the same work that your digestion system does. If drinking juice become habit then your stomach and digestion system become use to these pre-crushed fruits and liquids. This makes your digestion system slow. In such when you eat solid foods then your stomach not digest it properly.


Most fruits, vegetables and cereals contain Dietary Fiber. It is an important part of nutritious meal. It makes your body to prevent from diseases. It makes your full of energy for long time. When you consume these fruits and vegetables into liquid form then their useful fibers stay out. Its not make any benefit to drink juice without nutrient fiber.


Our body process liquid food faster than solid food. For example when you eat an Apple then it takes a complete series to work to digest the apple. It uses our mouth to make pieces of apple, digest by the help of enzymes in our stomach. Juices bye-pass this whole process of digestion and quickly digested by your body. This reduces your next meal duration and you feel hungry again.


It is correct that consumption of whole fruit and vegetables are better than juice. But if you like to drink juice then you should take care of these important things.

  1. Vegetable juice is better option than fruit juice. You can take vegetable juice. Normally you can’t include much vegetables in your meal, so you can consume more vegetables in the form of juice. Carrot and Beetroot juices has good amount of calorie.
  2. You can combine some elements in juice. You can mix Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds and Flex seeds in the juice. It will make your juice nutritious and with the help of juice it will be easy to consume these seeds.
  3. Appliances like Nutribullet are now available in market. With the help of these you can make juice including fiber. Using these appliances the nutrients of fruits and vegetables remains.
  4. Fresh juice has more benefits. If you prepare juice at 8 am and drink it at 11 am then such juice loss more vitamins. When you cut fruits and vegetables and kept in open and sunlight, then it makes loss of vitamins and nutrients.