Young boys have hobby to build muscles and show their six pack abs and flat tummy. And for that they do hard workout in gym, as well as taking steroids and other muscle building supplements. But as per health experts, these habits are bad to in their way to become father after marriage.

Normally a healthy man produces 1000 sperms per moment when he is in normal or cool temperature. A survey shows that in United States of America, 13 million men are suffered from these disease. In India the number is increasing too.


Many patients which comes to the fertility experts with their problems are those men who takes supplements which filled with anabolic steroids. These supplements advertised as natural muscle builder and easily available on medical stores. From professional body builders to recreational athletes, all are using these supplements. Assumption of these decrease sperm counts. These supplements are like contraceptive for men. Use of these medicines can suffer disease like erectile dysfunction, decrease in libido, liver dysfunction.



Too much exercise can have bad effects on body system – Neuroendocrine, which regulates and control reproductive functions. There is no measure decided on how much exercise is good or bad. It depends on human body power and capacity. A major reason that health experts are saying about decreasing of men sperms is increase of heat around testicles. Heat effects badly on sperm production. Another reason is heavy workout produces adrenal hormone which reduces testosterone level.