Growth in any type of business is a big thing but sometimes its too quick that its become difficult for you to deal with it. This quick growth can be due to your good business planning or because of rise in market. Such thing put lots of responsibilities on you for which you have to manage all in a good manner. You have to do preparation for this sudden success. Let’s see what you can do in such situation.


To handle your growth it is very necessary to keep your communication channels open and make them strong. Sharing information and promote goals are necessary but to listen carefully is more important. It can get you new ideas. So always listen to everyone suggestions and thoughts.


Obviously if your business is increasing then your will also increase. So do not skimp in hiring new staff. This is not that you put extra work on your old staff. It will make effect on their work capability & work quality both. If work increased then add new and talented people to your company.


To keep your business success it is required to make your existing staff do their best. They are those people who contributed in your business success and stood up in every trouble situation. So you can make them happy by praising and giving rewards. By this they will get motivation to do more better work. After getting compliments from you, your old staff only only do their work more passionately but they will also motivate new staff to do the same.


Even if you promote your old staff for their better work or include new talents into your company, but make sure this your all employee get the support that they want. Always remember that why you have hired them and what you want from them. To make them doing their best, ask them to do only that work for which you have hire them. Do not distract them by unnecessary work.


To keep a balance with growth you have to give training to your staff. This is not that due to workload your staff feel pressure and not able to work as per their capacity. With this you also have to give initial training to new staff, so that they can make adjustments with company environment and old staff.