For any disease treatment, the right timing for taking medicine is as important as disease diagnosis and correct medicines. Medicines will not make their proper effect and not absorb by body if you take it at wrong biological time. Let us know about the right time to take right type of medicines.


Anti-depression Pills or Antidepressants – Some special medicines for the treatment of depression has Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors side effect which can be sleeping disorder. So specialist advice to take them after you wake up in morning for no disturbance in your sleep.

Osteoporosis Medicine– Our body not absorb the medication for the treatment or prevention of weak bones. That’s why doctor advice to take these medicines in the morning empty stomach by water. And only after 1 hour of taking pills they suggest you to consume food or any other medicines.


Antacids – Our stomach produces about 2 to 3 times more acid in the night between 10 pm to 2 am than any other time in a day. If you have asked to take Antacids then the best time is to take it before 30 minutes of dinner. This reduces the acid making process in the stomach.

Anti Allergy Medicine – Allergy related disease gives more problem at night and very intense at morning. The Antihistamines Tablet which is taken once in a day like Claritin show best effect after 8 to 12 hours. So take these tablet at dinner time so you don’t have to face allergic difficulties in the morning.


Anti Cholesterol Medicine – Cholesterol production in the liver is most in the midnight and least between morning to afternoon. So the anti-cholesterol pills like Statin should be taken at night before sleep. Taking this medicine at night can be more effective.

Blood Pressure Medicine– Normally blood pressure is more in the day and less in night. But in some people blood pressure not decreases in the night, specially in veterans, elderly people. Experts advice to take some special anti blood pressure pills at sleeping time in the night to keep the blood pressure in control in the daytime and to reduce the danger of blood pressure diseases.