Most of the people around the world have changed their smartphones every year, and throw their old smartphone in a corner. If you want your old Android phone can be very useful. Lets know about the use of old smartphones.

Do not make mistake by thinking your old smartphone is useless. You can use if for many important tasks. You can donate power of your old smartphone to use in several scientific projects running all over the world.

You can make it as Time lapse Camera. If you want, then you can use it as a fantastic media player. Your old smartphone can be your Desktop Control, Toys of your child and Wireless Security Camera.


We can compress long video footage into short video sequences using time lapse. You can show running moment quickly using this technique.  For example, you can display an hour sunset scene into few seconds. You can show a full day within 1-2 minutes using its help. To use this technique, you will require to install “Lapse It” app into your smartphone and mount on a tripod. After this you can start recording the video. Make sure your phone should be plug in to a power source and there must be no change in position of phone during recording.


There are many apps, which can allow your android devices to control your computer system. You can use Roccat’s Power Grid app for this. It is free and setup is also easy. First you need to make sure both phone and computer should connected to same Wi-Fi connection. You can download and install the Power Grid Host software from Roccat website. App will show on screen instructions to setup. After then you can use your phone as a wireless controller to your desktop computer. You can see notifications on phone and get brief status about your PC.


If you think that you old smartphone is useless then you are wrong. You can donate your phone’s processing power to research projects. It can be done via distributed computing. In this, bigger processing is converted into small packets using multiple devices. Since you are not using your old smartphone, you can leave it plug in and connect to Wi-Fi. You have to install Bionic or HTC Power app. These app will use your phone hardware into several projects like astronomy, disease prevention or other scientific projects calculations.


Now days, mostly all smartphones has storage capacity equal or more than 1 GB. Processor has Quad-core too.  This specification is good for HD Video playback. Using wireless streaming dongle like Google Chromecast, you can convert your old smartphone into a media player. For example, you can display Youtube videos and photos to your television. You can show your phone display on your television and also enjoy installed apps and games on bigger screen.


You can convert your old smartphone into a wireless security camera. For this you have to install IP Webcam app in your phone. This app uses your phone camera. You can view it on any web browser or any streaming support video player. You have to make sure you connect your phone with charger, so it will not power off. For video streaming connect it with a Wi-Fi network. With this app you can watch your children and pets when you are not at home.


Several children uses their parents smartphone to play games or watch videos. If you want you can use your old smartphone as your kids safe play toy. You can install Zoodles or Kid’s Shell app on your phone and make it as educational tool. There are apps available specially for kids like Make your old smartphone a useful device and Nexgtv Kids. You can decide which type of contents will your child can access. App also let you to control other functions using password protect.