If you want to keep yourself fit then you can take help from technology. You can download and install some apps in your smartphone. They encourage you to weight loss and live healthy lifestyle. Let’s know about few such apps.


There is a saying that Abs Made in the Kitchen. You have to believe it. If you are not taking proper diet then no matter how much workout you cannot keep fit. My Fitness Pal gives you facility to decide your requirements. You can track the food you eaten with this mobile app. You can also count calorie intake and progress report time to time.

JEFIT (Workout Tracker Gym Log)

Is that happened to you too that you went to an expensive gym and you didn’t understand anything there? Then you can exercise with the help of this mobile app. JEFIT app includes more than 1300 exercise. You get several types of workout here, which doesn’t makes you bore. This app has traditional exercise as well as new methods of exercise.

STRONG LIFTS (5×5 Workout)

It is a simple and effective app. Strong Lifts mobile app tries to makes you fit with the help of normal exercise rather than heavy workout. It focuses more on exercise that reduce body fat, increase power and makes muscles stronger. This app gives you facility to track your strength regularly.


Ketogenic Diet is an effective way of dieting. It is becoming very popular. The basic theory about this diet is that it reduces carbohydrate, whereas increases protein and fat intake. If you are on Keto Diet then you must strongly avoid processed and junk food. This diet can look easy on paper, but in reality its very hard to follow. This mobile app tells you the Dos & Don’ts about this diet. It also suggest keto friendly recipes.


Some people doesn’t like to run on treadmill in the gym, they can do their cardio in open. For this they can use the Zombies Run mobile app. It inspires you to run. It is a fun app. Its sound effect and story doesn’t makes you bore.


People who gym doesn’t like Yoga, but this should not happen. You can improve your health with the help of Yoga. You can get information about more than 27 different yoga positions with the help of Pocket Yoga mobile app. This app show you different yoga positions in the form of audio and video. You can understand Yoga much better using this mobile app.


It is a local app. It offers gym database. At the same time it gives information about the boot camps, mma classes and cross-fit box events in the country. Fitternity mobile app also tells you about the monthly and yearly expenses in these activities. It gives you facility to book trial class. It gives you contact info and cost of healthy tiffin center.