Other than winters keeping diet in mind people are following new fitness trends. It includes Gymnastics, Sports, Athletics, Dance and Aerobics. People not only at home, but going outside in gardens or tracks to keeping them fit. Let us know about these new trends combination which become part of daily lifestyle.


Combination of gyming and dancing are attracting not only girls but boys also. In this they do Belle, Hip-hop, Jazz, Mix, Disco, Western, Free-style, etc. with stretching, push ups, squat, etc. cardio workout. Due to the body movement during this, control not only weight but maintain body moisture also because of sweating.


trendy-workout-outdoorsThese days instead of doing workout in gym, young and old people are making fitness using equipment under park, etc. The reason behind this is to build inner body as well as taking fresh outside air presented in the environment. This include physical activity like weight lifting, jumping, skipping and hanging along with running and jogging.


trendy-water-aerobicsUnder this workout Pool Biking has been done the most. So this activity has followed most in the summer. But in winter pool biking under warm water is becoming a trend today. It is a best option to keep cardiovascular health. A person can burn around 800 calorie per hour by doing this workout. Other than that you can do aerobics exercise under waist level water.


trendy-wearable-fitnessIf you don’t want any fitness trainer during workout then wearable fitness can be a good option. These days the most adopted wearable fitness trend is following by young specially. In this type of workout there are several types of notifications will issue during exercise about how long you have to workout. Using these wearable you will also know which exercise you have to do or don’t as per your body requirements and structure.