Belly fat can be reduce other than exercise by including some special things in your diet. Let’s know about such things which will help you to reduce fat.


Coconut water not only prevent from insufficiency of water but it also reduce weight. It contains potassium which cure digestion problem as well as increase blood flow. It also increases metabolism.


Ginger boost digestion and temperature. This makes fat reduction. If you are not able to include in your diet then you can use it in Tea and drink it.


You can take green tea to cure acidity and improve digestion. It prevents from increasing extra fat in body. Lemon Water is also a good option to reduce belly fat other than green tea. But do not take them too much. Green tea 2 to 3 times in a day is sufficient.


Usually after eating very oily and spicy food you can suffer from acidity and gas. In this Banana that contains potassium which helps balance out sodium. You can also eat orange or kiwi if banana is not available.