business startups in these sectors

It can be possible that you are thinking to leave your boring job or in confusion to leave job or not or you have got an advice to leave your job. It doesn’t matter due to which reason you are leaving your job, but if you are planning to startup then there will be any business idea you have. Not, then at least you will know in which sector you have to startup. lets see some best sectors that you can startup.


Startup in this sectors have make a splash. India has worlds fastest growing internet population and this shows that how much capacity e-Commerce has. You can also get success by startup in this sector. You can also run e-Commerce sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal which is beneficial for both you and customers.


In India around 67% share of total retail expenses goes to food and grocery. So in this sectors the demand of startup and investor is more. Today’s generation who gives priority to comfort to get grocery, in such this sector can be a good scope for you. Hopefully this business will become 20 Billion Dollars till the year 2020.


With the digitisation and increase of internet use, Indian media and entertainment industry also increasing continuously. Probably the entertainment sector will grow upto 2 Lacs 27000 Crores till the year 2018.


You can offer cheap solutions for mass scale education with the help of technology. One on One Training segment is also an important chance in this sector. This sector also have no effect of market slowness, because every person want to move forward in their life. So you can begin a startup in this sector on the basis of this fact.


You will have to believe that where the body, disease will be there. Startups like Practo, Liberate & 1mg has made the reach of doctors to people easy by digital healthcare. Pharma Home Delivery Services, Data & Medical Home Devices Industries also connected with this sector. On this basis you can launch startup in healthcare and pharma sector.


Everyone like cheap and hassle free trip. To fulfill that need of people you can startup in this sector. Well there are giants like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Ibibo in this sector of travel which are giving facilities like ride sharing, alternate accommodation, but their 80% market business is in cities only. So to reach more and more people there can be done better in this sector.