In most progressive companies, employees makes their own career path. After a specific time period employees himself discuss with his seniors about his promotion. Lets checkout how to begin these type of discussions.


You should have to talk about your achievements, contributions and work with your seniors. It must not happen that you feel something else about your performance and your seniors feels something else. You should have to get 360 degree feedback about your performance.


Sometimes, employees forget to listen. You must listen to your seniors very seriously. In the office meetings, you should try to understand how business has affected your performance and how you can improve things.


Do not leave conversation about your promotion in between. You should get information about your increment after a certain period. You should ask your seniors about the timeline of your potential promotion and when you can discuss with them next time.


You have to take care that you not only discuss your promotion at the time of appraisal. But you have to meeting with your seniors regularly about your career growth. You should more focus on your Role. You should always talk result oriented. Focusing on results can only make you successful in your career.


You also need to know that there is difference between rewards and career growth and they are both different discussions. Most of the employee link them together in their meetings. That reduces the value of their career growth. You should not have to link rewards you get from your company with your career growth.