Health experts recently know during a study that by eating a handful Walnuts by young people daily increases the capacity to fight with stress and improve mood. Earlier, in many studies shown that Walnut is very good for heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Latest research has focused to know its effect on mind and mood. In first 8 weeks a group of young people has given banana and bread in breakfast, and during next 8 weeks they have given half a cup Walnuts along with breakfast. Scientist found that in last 8 weeks their mood was very good. They said that Walnut contains Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), Vitamin-E, Pholet, Polyphenols, etc in good amount, and there are several benefits of them.


Scientists of Imperial College and Norwegian University have found in an research that by eating 20 gm dry fruits daily reduces the risk of several types of diseases. Dry fruits and peanuts contain fiber, magnesium and poly-saturated fats, which are very good. Use of dry fruits daily can reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases by 30%, cancer by 15% and premature death by 22%.