These days Zumba Dance being quite famous. It is created by combination of music, dance and exercise. It is a good option to loose weight by burning calories and build muscles. Zumba aerobics make your body relax and fresh other than reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity, thyroid. It is compulsory to do it at least for 45 minutes. If you are doing less than this time that means you are doing only warm up.


You can also do Zumba aerobics at your home. It can be done in several ways. It consists of 1,2,3 & 4 count, as soon as your right leg move forward on count one, your left leg come inside on that place. Right leg come inside on count two. Same steps repeat to the left side on third and fourth count. This cardio exercise fit every part of body. Else you can move up your legs to the shoulder, and move down again by enjoying your favorite music.


Keep notice that do it as per your capacity. It has many sessions, so its necessary to warm up before the session. To see positive results, its important that you understand each moves correctly. If you are doing it for first time then do it under a trainer supervision. You can burn around 300 to 500 calories in one class of Zumba. Please note that it makes you tired so its good to do breathing exercise before doing Zumba dance. Its specially good for those children which have more than average weight. If you want any change to Zumba moves then take expert advice.